My First Post!

Publicerat mars 8, 2012 av adilenemarie


Before you read this I’d like you to read what I wrote in my profile first, thank you.

The fourth line of this post is dedicated to my first friend and now my last one.

Dear Lisa Steinbach, I really hope that you do get better and get out of that coma so we can finally meet again!

Now for my readers, I wish that you do not blame me for my upcoming posts because I just type what’s on my mind and how I feel, but feel free to comment.

The reason to why I started blogging now was because something really ironic happened today. I arranged an event all by myself to make people aware of the bullying that is going on today. People from my school actually came to this event but not to be supportive but surprisingly enough opposing it! First they violently took down my huge sign that said ”STOP THE BULLYING” and took a dussin of my informative flyers which I had printed in the school library and just tore them infront of my eyes! They then forcibly removed me out of my chair and picked it up just to throw it down and stomp on it. At that time I didn’t know what to do so I just left the area in haste, When I saw people staring at the incident I thought to myself why they didn’t stop them, I guess they cared enough to stare at me getting ”terrorised” by these maniacs but not enough to get involved and stop them. I was infuriated and sad but no words can describe precisely how I felt.

Thank you my dear readers for reading, please comment and tell me what you think about this.